Couture siderale

The luminescent clothing, gobelins and jewelery, planned under the general concept of ASTRO-DESIGN, have culminated in COUTURE SIDERALE, since 1972 the first electronic jewelery ever made. This jewelery consists of miniature luminescent paintings with an integrated electronic aggregate and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or belt. This artwork, invented and patented in 1974 by Mühlum-Pyrápheros, combines technical perfection with a congenial design and has historic significance because the artist was able to develop a kind of jewelery which is just as progressive as the technical developments in our century, i.e. with COUTURE SIDERALE a suitable jewelery for our electronic age has been developed. This jewelery relegates diamonds and other precious gems in the category of antiques and sets new standards in the history of jewelery and clothing. For the first time active light emission has replaced the traditional reflection of light and color. COUTURE SIDERALE shows a miniature luminescent landscape similar to the large paintings of the artist: it is a work of art and at the same time an exceptional piece of jewelery.

In COUTURE SIDERALE painting, jewelery and modern technology form a wonderful unity of inventive and artistic thought.

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