Luminescent Paintings

The large original Luminescent Paintings, explicitly created as stationary light-emitting works of art, represent a culmination in modern avantgarde painting. They have been created with the most modern technology available basing on the transformation of invisible rays into visible wave lengths. However, they are much more than a sheer image of this technology which is simply used to point the way to a spiritual region far beyond everything technical.

These luminescent paintings have been created in the sense of a lyrical cosmology, as astral paintings, utopic architectural structures and as luminescent landscapes. They are therefore an adequate means to express the spirit of a cosmic-oriented era. The intention of traditional and modern art has been concentrated in these paintings into a unity of light, depth and form. Moreover, this futuristic landsape painting opens dimensions of our astronautic age like they have never been seen up to now.

W. Mühlums paintings are highly contemplative light media which emit a spiritual fire as signified by the artist's name, Pyrįpheros, meaning bearer of fire.

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