Translucent Architectural Sculptures  (T.A.S.)

By using an optical phenomenon, which he calles polygon translucence, the artist was able to develop a completely new possibility of visual and sculptural presentation.

The most important part of the sculpture is its translucent capital, which absorbs natrual and artificial light and emits this light with multiplied intensity in different directions.

The translucent capital can be used as a single piece or can be combined with other capitals of the same kind to form translucent architectural sculputres for inside rooms or outdoor installation.

Depending on how the translucent capitals are combined with each other, they produce a two- or three-dimensional picture. The sculputres are colorfast and rust-free, as they are made of crystal glass and stainless steel. Moreover, there is no maintenance, no wear, and the sculpture is not dependent on electric energy. The translucent capital is a complete unit wich can be constructed in miniature or in large proportions.

It is also possible to use several translucent capitals in a sculptural environment, for example as the capital of a column, in the form of stairs, as a wall sculpture or as a translucent bridge or wall. These translucent architectural sculpures can be suspended or set up in a horizontal or vertical position.

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